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2016 Scott County Iowa Grand Jury Contact List

NOTE: Stacy Marie Clark was sworn in as the Scott County Iowa Grand Jury Foreperson on February 16, 2016.
Scott County Iowa 2016 Grand Jury Contact List

"This isn't just a plan to say how do I get money from FEMA."

Public Hearing For Review of the Draft Scott County Multi-Jurisdictional Hazard Mitigation Plan
September 19, 2011 - 6:oo p.m. 
Scott County Library, 200 North Sixth Street, Eldridge Iowa
Part 1 -- 0:00-43:10 - (43 mins)
Part 2 -- 44:10 - 57:43 - (13 mins, below)

(Video Part 1)
I. Introductions
II. Power Point presentation - Bi-State Staff
What is Hazard Mitigation?
What does the Hazard Mitigation Plan Include?
III. Open Forum for Review of the Draft Plan
(Video Part 2)
IV. Questions and Answers
Public Comments must be received no later than October 7, 2011.

Upon leaving meeting, Michael Angelos, Iowans For Accountability Treasurer and Scott County for Ron Paul co-chair, stated, "Eminent domain issues will be coming up due to this plan." 
Note: County staff stated that this deadline also included POSTMARKED by October 7, 2011 and can also be emailed to, the lead planner working with Bi-State Regional Commission to complete this documentation. 

Excerpts from the Q&A

Public: It says the way land and buildings are developed. 

Is that government land buildings or is that privately held land and buildings? 

City of Davenport: That would be both. 

City of Davenport: In a sense if this were adopted as part of a comprehensive plan, then it gives it a little more impetus, I guess would be one way to say it, to say, Okay, here's another thing that says you should be doing this.  And it's for the betterment for basically the health and safety of the people that live in Davenport, or in this case Scott County. 

Scott County: By the very nature [these plans] sometimes have competing or contradictory aspects to them.  And that's up to the political process to make a determination.

Liberty Pamphlet During Constitution Week

For Immediate Release
September 19th, 2011 
News from the front lines of the local liberty movement brought to you by Iowans For Accountability NPPO
Contact: Michael D. Elliott  Phone: (563)570-5395   Email:
Constitution Week
As we work through this week, let us remember that this week is Constitution week as so declared by all the governments across America by law. And in that spirit, Michael D. Elliott, the chairman of Iowans for Accountability and SuperLiberty has his own Liberty Pamphlet to share with everyone. “It is my hope that people will take a moment this week to reflect on what principles made this nation great in the past, and I offer my own explanation of those principles with this Liberty Pamphlet.”

IFA Open Letter to Scott County Grand Jurors

[Note: Hard copies of this letter below, along with the enclosures listed below, were mailed via USPS certified mail to the names listed below on Thursday August 25, 2011.  Contact information for these grand jurors can be found here.]
August 25, 2011
TO: Scott County Iowa Grand Jurors:
Rosemary Hasenmiller (Forewoman)
Mark Burgmeier
Tochcia Butler
Ellen Frey
Andrew Nanspreybroeck
Cheryl Shuppy
Angela Ubel
Alternates, Scott County, Iowa Grand Jurors:
Daniel Armstrong
Eric Baker
Yvonne Hamilton
Kristine Royster-Teitle
Bradley Simmons
Kevin Tague
Nanette Trudell

FROM: Scott County Iowans For Accountability (IFA)
PO Box 514, Bluegrass, Iowa 52726

RE: Grand Jury Toolkit
Dear Scott County Iowa Grand Jurors:
Thank you for serving and protecting the people of Scott County. Please note the attached copy of Scott County Attorney Mike Walton's June 14th letter notifying you that you may be contacted.

Iowans For Accountability (IFA) was formed in August 2010 as a Non Party Political Organization, under Iowa Code Title II, Chapter 44.1. IFA has been scrutinizing government activity in Scott County such as the consolidated dispatching center (aka SECC911), Scott County Board meetings and staff communications, and Scott County Courthouse procedures and proceedings. IFA seeks to increase government accountability and transparency. To that end, when the citizens of Scott County have access to a fully informed and active Grand Jury, the people can be protected from government overreach and injustice.

The body of both Mr. Walton's letter and this letter (without your names) will be published in the next issue of IFA’s newsletter The Concerned Citizen. Your names and contact information (attached) will be available at the IFA website for concerned citizens who wish to contact you.
We have compiled this open letter to augment your grand jury training and to generate more awareness of the full scope and importance of the Grand Jury's duties and responsibilities.

Scott County Grand Jury Contact List

These Grand Jurors are in service through February 2012.
Click here to read the IFA Open Letter to Scott County Grand Jury.
Note: 1-7 are seated grand jurors; 8-14 are alternates

The contact information was provided by Julie Carlin, the Clerk of the Court
(563) 326-8607