First Issue of The Concerned Citizen hits the neighborhoods!

Are you a Concerned Citizen too? Do you want to team up with people in your neighborhood to hold your local government accountable? Complete the form below and you will be contacted by a leader from Iowans From Accountability. And, now you can text "CommonSense" to 99000 and get Text Alerts from IFA about local government issues and meetings. You can make an impact with very little effort!

2016 Scott County Iowa Grand Jury Contact List

NOTE: Stacy Marie Clark was sworn in as the Scott County Iowa Grand Jury Foreperson on February 16, 2016.
Scott County Iowa 2016 Grand Jury Contact List

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  1. INVESTIGATE IOWA'S CORRUPT JUDICIARY. In STATE v GREG TENNANT, the "STATE" prosecuted a minor, without representation, without the assitance of counsel, no trial by jury, no evidence of a crime, no proof of jurisdiction, the STATE ignored all Common Law, Case Law, Stare Decisis, violated the Constitution, violated the rights of Greg, violated their oaths of office etc. there was NO ACCOUNTABILITY, No oversight. Drain the Swamp and hold these criminals posing as "judges" accountable - I believe these statements to be true (see STA0230727 & 8) - (563) 271-3975 or