Rubber Stamping Alert! - Regional Non Elected Governance & More Taxes for Scott County Being Dished Up by State's Smart Planning Principles

Contact Your County Supervisor to let them know you want them to Vote NO on adopting the state's non-compulsory, so-called "Smart Planning Principles."


Davenport, Iowa | Thursday, January 20, 2011 - Scott County Board of Supervisors (Jim Hancock, Larry Minard, Tom Sunderbruch, Bill Cusak, Carol Earnhardt) conduct a public hearing regarding staff's recommendation to adopt the State of Iowa's "Ten Smart Planning Principles" as part of the county's comprehensive plan. (Staff Provided Enclosure for Board & Public - FE-6.pdf)

County Planner Tim Huey and County Administrator Dee Breummer answer questions and provide their perspective regarding the testimony of Diane Holst (Eldridge, Iowa) and Todd McGreevy (Bettendorf, Iowa), who request that the Board not adopt these principles.

Holst and McGreevy cite the state wide task force's Smart Planning report  and its proposal to create regional Councils of Government (COGs) and levy taxes to support paying for implementation of a Smart Plan for all the jurisdictions beneath the regional COG. McGreevy points out that while the board's enclosures regarding this matter, provided by county staff state that this measure must be taken in order to comply with state law, that is in fact, not true as no where in the state legislation they refer to, does the state compel a jurisdiction to comply.

No citizens spoke in favor of adopting these Smart Planning Principles.

The state legislation that is driving this request from county staff is Senate File 2389. ( ) The board members affirm, in this hearing, that none have read or looked at said Senate File to date. Further, the statewide task force Policy Report (132 pages) on Smart Planning that this legislation enacted, has not been reviewed by the board of supervisors either.

The Board did not vote on this matter at the meeting. When asked when the vote would be taking place, Supervisors Cusack and Earnhardt stated it would take place when Administrator Breummer determined it would take place.

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