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Taxes and Education

Did you know that Iowa has the highest tax rate in the world?

The most expensive "thing" isn't necessarily bad. That is, as long as you are receiving the highest quality product in return for your investment. Which, leads me to the current state of the public school system in Iowa.

Many times as I've mentioned to friends or strangers that Iowa has the most expensive government per capita in the U.S. I've often received an admittedly shocking defense of those high taxes that usually goes something like this: "Iowa has some of the best schools in the world so of course our taxes are high." I can understand why someone might think that. After all, Iowa has historically been known for it's world class schools. Unfortunately, that might not be so true anymore.

The recently released 2009-2010 Iowa State Report Card for No Child Left Behind claims that all eight of Iowa’s urban school districts are “Districts in Need of Assistance”. In Davenport 100% of the high schools are “Schools in Need of Assistance” or officially failing and 95% of the middle schools are “Schools in Need of Assistance” or officially failing. North Scott Junior High and High School are “Schools in Need of Assistance”. Even Pleasant Valley Junior High makes the list.

So now what?

I see two heartily logical explanations:
1. The schools listed above are broken or
2. The No Child Left Behind program is broken.

You don't have to buy both options but you have to agree with one of them. Somebody has to be right and either way you look we have a problem that needs to be addressed with a vengeance. If you agree the schools are broken then we need to fix them. If you believe that No Child Left Behind is a failure then we need to find a way to opt out of it. What we don't need is higher taxes to execute either of those options.

We already have a reference point for greatness in our schools as we've been there before. We already have arguably more resources than anyone else in the world to do it. It seems as though all we really need is better Leadership to take those pieces and make them whole again.

-Jesse Anderson
for Scott County Board of Supervisors

VOTE 2 NOV 2010!

More on Jobs.

The SECC project is a boondoggle to start. The fact we are not using local labor on this 20+ MILLION dollar project only adds insult to injury.



Union pickets new Scott County emergency communications center

SCOTT COUNTY, Iowa - A group of construction workers took to the picket line to protest Scott County's decision to consolidate its emergency communications center.

In the works for two years, the multi-million dollar project hired contractors from out of town, instead of local union members.

A union spokesperson says they put in a bid last year, and even offered extra money out of their own pockets to keep the jobs local.

"We're here to let the public know that we have out of town contractors in this area taking local jobs away from local workers and then when they leave here, they end up going back to perspective homes and spend our tax dollars which should be spent here." says spokesman Curtis Wisely

The director of the Scott County Emergency Center said he had no idea union members were picketing. Local Union 81 said they haven't been in contact with the county for at least three months.

The communication center is supposed to be finished by December. The county will then work to install all the equipment. The center should be operational by next spring.


What do Scott County, Iowa and Chicago, Illinois have in common?
Not much except that a company from Chicago is about to get a $100,000+ contract paid for by Iowa taxpayer dollars.

For what, you ask?
An energy audit on the County's 8 Facilities; Including the brand new, state-of-the-art, Scott County Courthouse and Jail.

Why does a 2 year old multi million dollar facility need an energy audit?
I doubt it does. However, the county had secured some grant money (AKA: Iowa taxpayer dollars) and when they found out the audit was going to cost less than expected on the 2 buildings that were originally slated for they decided to spend the rest because they thought it was better to find a place to "spend, spend, spend" instead of patting themselves on the back for what could have been a $90,000 savings to the state.

This is called unchecked spending.
This is why I am running for office.

What does this have to do with Labor/Jobs in Scott County?
Couldn't a local business perform this energy audit so that Iowa tax dollars would go to Iowans (or even somewhere local on the QC Illinois side)? The County Board Chairwoman, Chris Gallin, did ask this question (which I commend). However, she was told by a staff member that no one in the area performed energy audits as a "primary function". I've talked to several local workers who say their company or union is more than capable of performing energy audits and doing just as well as any outfit from Chicago. Maybe the county didn't look hard enough or maybe they don't know much about the issue.

I know this is just one small example, but what do you think about this? Is a $100,000+ project not worth more diligence than this. What about spending the money on more buildings instead of taking the savings? Is grant money burning a hole in the county pocketbook? Is this how you manage your personal finances ("spend it if ya got it")? Finally, if an energy audit is needed on a 2 year old facility then the oversight of that building project was probably mismanaged in the first place.

-Jesse Anderson
for Scott County Supervisor 2 Nov 2010

Anderson for Supervisor 2010

Jesse Anderson for Supervisor - Scott County, Iowa

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