IFA's Jesse Anderson on Jim Fisher Show WOC1420 AM

Jim Fisher introduces IFA to his listeners on Wednesday afternoon, October 27th, 2010 in a live in-studio interview with Scott County Supervisor candidate, Jesse Anderson. The two discuss how and why IFA was formed, the SECC911 project and why voters should support the independent team of Anderson, Green and Riley on November 2nd.
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12 Steps to Fiscal Sobriety, Transparency & Accountability

  1. Reduce spending to 2005 expenditure levels or lower with zero based budgeting processes.

  2. Ensure that any proposed tax increases by SECC911 do not bypass Board review and have wide public awareness and input.

  3. Listen to front line responders who have to use the costly new radios ($5,500 each vs $200 each with current gear) and pursue remedies.

  4. More oversight into construction and bidding to avoid costly mistakes.
  5. Ensure the SCBS new 28E, and all extra Commissions, Boards, Agencies and Authorities the County is responsible for fnancially, is transparent and accountable to the taxpayers.

IFA Exposes Alarming Scott County Financials

Independent Iowans For Accountability Supervisor Candidates Present Research on Ten Year’s Tax and Spend History, SECC911’s Hidden Costs and Proposals For Transparency and Accountability Moving Forward

IFA Concludes Board of Supervisors Either Don’t Know or Don’t Care

DAVENPORT, IA – OCTOBER 20, 2010:  On Tuesday, two weeks to the day prior to the election, candidates for Scott County Supervisors, running on the Iowans For Accountability (IFA) ticket, along with members of the IFA Central Committee, hosted a news conference at the Downtown Davenport Public Library. (The video archive of this news conference is online at YouTube here.)

The public, as well as the media, were invited to attend and meet and question the candidates after the presentation.

The 30 plus page IFA presentation projected on the screen Tuesday, is available online at www.ScottCountyIFA.com or downloadable as a pdf by clicking here.

The group outlined how and why IFA formed and was placed on the ballot in August of 2010, a first of its kind event in Scott County’s history — and potentially in Iowa’s history.

found that historically the Scott County Board of Supervisors have avoided scrutiny, surrendered authority and grown government.

IFA reported that over the last ten years population has grown 5% but annual taxes collected have ballooned 76% and expenditures have grown 59%, since 2000 to over $70M.

also outlined how the Board of Supervisors justified creating the SECC911 consolidated emergency dispatching project as saving taxpayers $4.6M over 20 years. IFA compared and contrasted what taxpayers were told by the Board in 2007 with what the results have been in 2010. Such results include $28M in long term debt, a special levy not subject to caps on taxes and no ceiling on future indebtedness, and a 20% increase in property taxes.

Meet the IFA Candidates for Scott County Supervisors

The Scott County Board of Supervisors has five members, who are elected on four year staggered terms. 

In 2010, there are three of the five seats up for election.

Here are the profiles and position statement for our three candidates.

Contact the Candidates:

Jesse Anderson (LeClaire): Phone (309) 235-5813 Email: andersonforsupervisor2010@gmail.com

John Green (Davenport): Phone (563) 499-8786  Email: jgreenn@yahoo.com

John Riley (Blue Grass): Phone (563) 349-2886  Email: jpriley485@mchsi.com

Our Candidates on the record...

John P. Riley, 63
Blue Grass
Married with 6 children

Structural Engineer/Sole Proprietor
US Army Infantry 1967 – 1969
Purple Heart February 1968
Bachelor of Science,
Civil Engineering,
Iowa State University 1972

“There is a ‘right size’ of government that is smaller and less intrusive to its citizens. We need to determine that size and get to it as quickly as possible.”

Key Issues:

“...unacceptable governmental growth and unaffordable expenditures, resulting in high property taxation.”

“ everyone in the private sector is suffering one way or another, and the prospects do not appear bright if we stay the current course.”

“...someone at some level has to tighten the purse strings. And that’s what I hope to do.”

IFA: First Time Ever in Scott County (Video)

The current system has allowed unacceptable governmental growth and unaffordable expenditures. 
 If left unchecked, Scott County residents will suffer more.  Reform will not come from the status quo, two party system.

IFA was formed by independent, liberty-minded adults of all ages, in Scott County, who are focused on restoring our county, state and country to the constitutional principles of limited government, free enterprise and low taxation.