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The SECC project is a boondoggle to start. The fact we are not using local labor on this 20+ MILLION dollar project only adds insult to injury.



Union pickets new Scott County emergency communications center

SCOTT COUNTY, Iowa - A group of construction workers took to the picket line to protest Scott County's decision to consolidate its emergency communications center.

In the works for two years, the multi-million dollar project hired contractors from out of town, instead of local union members.

A union spokesperson says they put in a bid last year, and even offered extra money out of their own pockets to keep the jobs local.

"We're here to let the public know that we have out of town contractors in this area taking local jobs away from local workers and then when they leave here, they end up going back to perspective homes and spend our tax dollars which should be spent here." says spokesman Curtis Wisely

The director of the Scott County Emergency Center said he had no idea union members were picketing. Local Union 81 said they haven't been in contact with the county for at least three months.

The communication center is supposed to be finished by December. The county will then work to install all the equipment. The center should be operational by next spring.

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