Video: IFA Questions SECC911 Progress Report

Thursday, August 18, 2011 | DAVENPORT, IOWA - Scott County Emergency Communications Center, aka SECC911 - Monthly board meeting of the unelected board members who over see the consolidated dispatching of Bettendorf, Davenport and Scott County. Brian Hitchcock is the SECC911 Director who reports to  (l to r) Tom Sunderbruch (Scott County Supervisor), Bill Gluba (Davenport Mayor) and Marty O'Boyle (Eldridge Mayor) and off camera to the left Dr. Frank Claudy (Medic EMS Board President) and not present Mike Freemire (Bettendorf Mayor).

At the 6 min mark SECC911 board member Dr. Frank Claudy president of Medic EMS board, is reassured that the reason the 911 dispatcher can't switch the call to Medic is a "compatibility issue."

At the 6:30 mark ( ) Mayor Gluba states he gets a briefing every Tuesday from the chief of police and fire chief and chair of Public Safety committee on the city Council Bill Boom related to the progress of the consolidated dispatch. He seeks reassurance from Hitchcock that SECC911 is working with his staff and that "no one has come forward" and said the problems discussed are "insurmountable."

At the 7:30 mark ( ) questions submitted in writing to the board by concerned citizen Diane Holst, are brought up by mayor Gluba for a response from Hitchcock.

August 18, 2011
Question for SECC Board:

Why do the radios on walkie not work in Buffalo? We were told in April that the Buffalo issue would be resolved by RACOM. What steps are you taking, and when do you expect this to be fixed?

Has the $14K BDA been installed at Hillendale, and has it resolved the problem?

Where are the areas around the County that you're relying on NPSPAC?

Has there been a "due date" set with the Vendor, New World Systems, for the CADS/RMS system to be working correctly?

Why is there a delay of up to 3 minutes for dispatch to find out if someone is wanted?

Why do I hear the Dispatchers say, "they lost their screen".

Is the County receiving a P.01 access level at this time? And if not, are we being compensated?

Has the EDACS/RACOM system been accepted?

Diane Holst

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  1. Maybe the focus should be on the incompetence of the Director. Everytime you look at what he has to say - he has to "refer to Dee" or "Scott County for that" or he says he is just the technical and operational person. He doesn't know the operation and what happens within that center any more tha he knows how to run the place. When he is asked about the operational or technical side of the center, he either refers it to another person within Scott County or he gives the same song and dance we have all heard over and over and over. I want to know what his real background and why he was so quick to leave the center in Chicago that he was so proud of putting together. Sometimes having many experiences under your belt don't make it a good experiences for those involved. There is always a story on the otherside of this. Seriously! Check him out.