2019 Grand Jury Members

NOTE: Kathleen Shiltz was sworn in as the Scott County Iowa Grand Jury Foreperson on February 25, 2019.

While the print out provided by the Scott County Clerk of the Court states "Confidential Information" in the bottom left corner, the identity of the grand jurors is not confidential nor exempt from disclosure.

This is evidenced by Scott County Attorney Mike Walton's June 14, 2011 letter to grand jurors.

It is well understood that should this grand jury convene, their proceedings are secret or confidential... but who the grand jury is each year, and how to contact them is public information.

The more citizenry that knows how to access the grand jury in the rare instance where oath taking government officials violate said oath, the better.

The grand jury is by law obligated to investigate allegations of wrong doing by publicly sworn officers and employees.

Excerpt from Jan 2017 Iowa Rules of Criminal Procedure for the Courts, below.

Despite what the county attorney and presiding judge over the annual empanelment procedure may assert, this body can self-elect to convene and have the full resources of the court available to conduct investigations, call witnesses and discover evidence, including the assistance of the county sheriff to enforce subpoenas.

j. Duty of grand jury. The grand jury shall inquire into all indictable offenses brought before it which may be tried within the county, and present them to the court by indictment. The grand jury shall meet at times specified by order of a district judge. In addition to those times, the grand jury shall meet at the request of the county attorney or upon the request of a majority of the grand jurors.
It is made the special duty of the grand jury to inquire into:
(1) The case of every person imprisoned in the detention facilities of the county on a criminal charge and not indicted.
(2) The condition and management of the public prisons, county institutions and places of detention within the county.
(3) The unlawful misconduct in office in the county of public officers and employees.

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