Liberty Pamphlet During Constitution Week

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September 19th, 2011 
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Constitution Week
As we work through this week, let us remember that this week is Constitution week as so declared by all the governments across America by law. And in that spirit, Michael D. Elliott, the chairman of Iowans for Accountability and SuperLiberty has his own Liberty Pamphlet to share with everyone. “It is my hope that people will take a moment this week to reflect on what principles made this nation great in the past, and I offer my own explanation of those principles with this Liberty Pamphlet.”

The Liberty Pamphlet
By Michael D. Elliott, September 2011

Man-made law must base its authority on natural law to allow true peace. The first law of nature is self-preservation, defined by three branches of an individual’s natural rights: Life, Liberty, and Property. When man-made laws defend against violations of these rights, peace and justice can prevail.

On the other hand, when laws place collective force at the disposal of those who would use it to exploit others, injustice prevails and there will be unrest in society. It does not matter if the exploitation applies to health, labor, education, safety, or religion. The law becomes legalized plunder, blurs society's understanding of justice and injustice, and disguises anarchy as order. Since people naturally rebel against injustice, unrest ensues.

True peace can be achieved only when man-made law obeys natural law, when justice is blind, and individual natural rights are protected.

Iowans For Accountability (IFA) is fighting to hold politicians accountable to we the people, and make sure government works for all of us, not just wealthy special interests and the well-connected. IFA is a Non-Party Political Organization (NPPO) that actively supports or opposes ballot issues or candidates, regardless of party affiliation and when necessary, IFA runs its own candidates. Michael D. Elliott is the IFA Chairman. Website:

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