12 Steps to Fiscal Sobriety, Transparency & Accountability

  1. Reduce spending to 2005 expenditure levels or lower with zero based budgeting processes.

  2. Ensure that any proposed tax increases by SECC911 do not bypass Board review and have wide public awareness and input.

  3. Listen to front line responders who have to use the costly new radios ($5,500 each vs $200 each with current gear) and pursue remedies.

  4. More oversight into construction and bidding to avoid costly mistakes.
  5. Ensure the SCBS new 28E, and all extra Commissions, Boards, Agencies and Authorities the County is responsible for fnancially, is transparent and accountable to the taxpayers.
  6. User friendly records (minutes, agendas, board packets) posted at County website, that are dynamically searchable, not scanned PDF’s with non-relevant labeling.
  7. Webcast all public meetings, and archive videos for playback at County website.
    If we can spend $160K with an out of state firm, on an energy audit we don’t need, we can certainly implement low cost modern day communication measures.

  8. Implement Public With Business for Agenda Items at Board Meetings
  9. Expand the people’s participation with increased publicity of meetings and issues
  10. Near real time posting of expenses and payments made, in easy to read and search website.  SCBS routinely must approve $2M of checks to be cut. Who were those checks written to?
  11. Publish the full scope of bidding documents in real time and archive all documented negotiations, contracts and transactions.
  12. Ensure all extra Commissions, Boards, Agencies and Authorities the County participates in and is responsible for finnancially, has IFA representation and SCBS veto authority via majority of County Supervisor seats.

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