IFA: First Time Ever in Scott County (Video)

The current system has allowed unacceptable governmental growth and unaffordable expenditures. 
 If left unchecked, Scott County residents will suffer more.  Reform will not come from the status quo, two party system.

IFA was formed by independent, liberty-minded adults of all ages, in Scott County, who are focused on restoring our county, state and country to the constitutional principles of limited government, free enterprise and low taxation.

Iowans For Accountability (IFA) is the pathway to representation for independents who seek more than what traditional party politics provides.

Per Iowa code 44.1, and over a period of 13 days and three conventions (August 12th, 20th, 24th 2010) 71 concerned taxpayers from 39 or 62% of the 63 precincts in Scott County convened to nominate three candidates for Supervisors.

At the third meeting on August 24th 2010, Iowans For Accountability fulfilled the statutory requirement with 36 precincts present and the next day filed the paper work for John Riley (Blue Grass), John Green (Davenport) and Jesse Anderson (Le Claire), to be on the November 2nd ballot.

Below is the 1st of a series of 10 minute videos documenting the August 24th IFA convention. 

IFA is the first NPPO ever formed in Scott County and may even be the first one ever formed in the state of Iowa.

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