Our Candidates on the record...

John P. Riley, 63
Blue Grass
Married with 6 children

Structural Engineer/Sole Proprietor
US Army Infantry 1967 – 1969
Purple Heart February 1968
Bachelor of Science,
Civil Engineering,
Iowa State University 1972

“There is a ‘right size’ of government that is smaller and less intrusive to its citizens. We need to determine that size and get to it as quickly as possible.”

Key Issues:

“...unacceptable governmental growth and unaffordable expenditures, resulting in high property taxation.”

“ everyone in the private sector is suffering one way or another, and the prospects do not appear bright if we stay the current course.”

“...someone at some level has to tighten the purse strings. And that’s what I hope to do.”


“County spending should be deflated to maintenance levels and the budget thoroughly scrubbed of excess. This is the only path to property tax relief and it is a step toward righting the economy.”

“...focused on restoring our county, state, and country to the constitutional principles of small government and reduced taxation.”

“Even projects in the process of being implemented should be examined with the goal of reducing their projected costs.”

“High property taxes can be rectified as a result of spending reductions.”

John R. Green, 51
Single father

Sub Contractor/Sole Proprietor
Heavy equipment technician
Landscape and property design
Property maintenance/management
USMC (Ret.)
Cancer Survivor
Oath Keeper

“...with common sense, guided by our founding documents, along with transparent and diligent scrutiny.”

Key Issues:

“Relentless spending and over taxation, private property and individual rights.”

“...the two parties have both sought election to influence government to operate in the service of perpetuating the parties at the expense of transparency and accountability.”

“ ...individual property owners rights, which an elected servant is oath and duty bound to protect.”


“ regulate based on the State and Federal constitutions”

“...with the best interests of the constituents in their counties at the fore”

“...limit the government directives for land uses.”

“...consideration for possible damage should be evaluated and recommendations made.”

“IFA candidates seek to be elected to ensure government operates within its constitutional purview and is more accountable to everyone in Scott County.”

Jesse J. Anderson, 28
Married with one daughter

Administrator/Family Business
50 employees
Bachelor of Arts,
Politcal Science/
Public Administration,
Augustana College, Rock Island

“There has been a lack of diligence and accountability in the execution and oversight of large project budgets. County taxes are too high and I know by cutting out the waste we could decrease taxes without lowering our standard of living.”

Key Issues:

“...focus on local jobs, a tight budget, and lower taxes…”

“...we must stop selling ourselves out to failed federal and state programs because they come attached to grant money.”

“...overhaul our priorities to meet the day. The county...lists ‘Rail Service: Chicago to Iowa City’ as a ‘High Priority’ but makes no mention of lower taxes, property rights, or transparency.”


“There are no magic tricks or grandeur ideas necessary to fix the disconnect. Integrity, diligence, and a sense of obligation to the tax-payers is all that is needed and, if elected, that is how I will lead.”

“Scott County officials should be able to focus on the people of Scott County without ever having to be distracted by party affiliation.”

“With congressional approval ratings in the dumps, now might be a good time to take the wheel and steer Scott County in a direction that makes sense locally. Heavy federal control is currently heading us towards a cliff. “

“It shouldn't matter which party has a majority. The only important majority is of the people that are being represented.”

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